Helloooo! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Here is the low-down on yours truly. In my former life, I was a professional dancer with various companies in Milwaukee and Chicago. It was a dream come true from early on in my life. I followed up my first career with a party filled, foodie fantasy tour of the hospitality industry in Chicago. This is where my love for food was born and where I met my foodie (and Zen) mentor (now hubby, yay for me!!). As you will discover, I am a true left brained artist/entrepreneur given that I currently wear a few (or 5) different hats in this crazy, lovely life of mine. First and foremost, I am a mom to my two beautiful kids. I consider myself blessed to be able to be home with them and watch them grow everyday. I also own my own amazing health and wellness business with Arbonne International. With Arbonne I have the freedom to be with my kids and do the things I love. This includes my two passions without a paycheck; being a birth doula for expectant mamas and their partners and an aspiring contemporary choreographer. But I digress…so let’s get to the point. Food. Both as nourishment for my family and because, well….I LOVE FOOD (you complete me baked goods!!). Baking and cooking have been a part of my life since I can remember and because of that I have become an avid baker and cook. Since both myself and my kids have food sensitivities/intolerances I have become committed to learning how to make healthy, yummy foods that make us feel good from the inside out.It was through Arbonnes’ healthy living program that I set out on my journey to discover and accept the food sensitivities I had developed since the birth of my second son. But don’t get me wrong, you only live once so there will be decadent, naughty treats too! To top it all off, I am also a certified birth doula and an aspiring choreographer. My blog is a true mash up of living life in the moment, following your passions, making the world a better, greener and safer place for the next generation and eating ridiculously yummy food along the way. Enjoy!

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