Protein Brownie Bars

gluten free / dairy free / refined sugar free / vegan

As you already know I am a self proclaimed baked goods junkie. It is a rare occurence for me not to go to bed with a sweet in hand. Ok, fine…truth? I NEVER go to bed without a sweet in hand. Unless I am on my death bed with an illness, and even then….it’s not a guarantee. But even this baked goods junkie knows that to eat dessert every night is no bueno for my mind or body. Granted I no longer bake with refined sugar which is the worst of the worst but no mater what sugar I do use, it is still… guessed it, SUGAR! If there are some of you who don’t know much about refined sugar and its ramifications not only to our health but to our society as a whole OR you just like learning new things I highly recommend watching the documentary Fed Up! (link is for full length documentary). The film focuses on the causes of obesity in the US and the alarming rise in childhood obesity. It presents evidence showing that the large quantities of sugar in processed foods are an overlooked root of the problem, and points to the monied lobbying power of “Big Sugar” in blocking attempts to enact policies to address the issue.[2][3][4][5]

My first successful breakup with refined sugar occured in January 2015. The year before, I had given birth to my second child and for that year I had struggled with not only my weight, but my energy was non existent and my mind was dull and foggy, at best. I was als0 having a multitude of digestive issues, headaches and bizarre skin breakouts. Around this same time the health and wellness company I own my business through launched a brand new 30 Day Healthy Living Program. I had just come off an unsuccessful attempt to do the Whole 30 program. Don’t get me wrong, I lost weight but I was unhappy during the process; I wanted to be able to eat garbanzo beans!!! Is that asking to much?! And after I finished the 30 days the weight came back almost immediately. My hubby was as always supportive but also hated it and dubbed the program the “dirty dishes diet.” I was reluctant at first to try Arbonne’s program but I already loved their nutritional products and I knew I needed to try it so that I could make honest recommendations to my clients. The focus of the program was to change the way we look at food and to bring our bodies back to a more balanced alkaline state. We achieve this through focusing on eating whole, consumable foods and eliminating the top ten highly allergenic and acidic foods.

For those of you who just want the goods I will cease aand desisit with the lecture. But if you want more information or have questions please leave a comment and I would be happy to talk further. You can also click on the 30 Day link above for a quick video or email me.

One of the reasons I loved this program was because I didn’t have to deprive myself. Yes, I had to eliminate certain foods/ingredients but in return I was given a huge list of foods or ingredients I could use as replacemements. That’s where these brownie bars enter the picture. They were a replacement for my beautiful sugary goods that I had sworn off for the next 30 days. With the program, I was given a full menu plan with recipes and shopping lists already completed for me.  And as a busy mom of two that was key!! I was also given a huge support group via a secret FB group. This group was comprised of hundreds of men and women just like me; people looking to change their habits for the long term and stop the dieting wheel for good. It was a place to ask questions, offer support and encouragement, and recipe swap. This was one of the first treat recipes I tried on the program, and I have been hooked ever since. These bars are great for a midday snack because they are more like a protein bar than a brownie but with a cup of tea I think they make a great bedtime treat. They are packed with protein and are super filling. The icing on the cake??? My kids LOVE them. They constantly ask for “brownies” and I have no problem obliging them. Enjoy! nom nom

Side note: I have been told by a few people who sampled my bars and then made them using a different protein that they don’t taste as good. Not sure why that it is, but if this is the first recipe of mine you have tried, and you use a different protein AND they are bad…. I don’t want you to think I suck 😉


4 scoops of Arbonne Chocolate Protein Powder

3 cups of GF rolled oats; I like Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats or Trader Joe’s GF Rolled Oats

1  plus cup vanilla almond milk; I do an overflowing 1 cup but 1 and 1/4 cup would be a good place to start. You want the mixture to be moist not dry.

1/2 cup almond butter

Dash of cinnamon

Sea salt; I prefer fleur de sel (optional)

1/3 cup- 1/2 cup of chopped nuts (optional)

  1. Put first 5 ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Stir until the ingredients are throughly incorporated and the mixture is moist.
  2. Press evenly into an 8×8 pan. Sprinkle sea salt and chopped nuts over the top and press lightly into the misture.
  3. Place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours to set. Cut into 2×2 squares. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. Though I guarantee they wont last that long!!!!

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