gluten free flour mix #1

When it comes to gluten free flours and flour mixes there are endless options, and those options to both novices and experts alike can be overwhelming. I also believe this is one reason why people who need to be on a gluten free diet rely on so many processed GF baked goods. It can be a pain in the ass!!! Gluten free baked goods are notoriously tricky to make and not have them be either dry, gummy or flat out rock hard. It can get even more dicey when you are using a recipe that was originally made with gluten laden ingredients. And can I just say there is nothing more disaapointing than a failed baked good. Especially when its something you labored over or are counting on for a special event. One resource I found extremely valuable in the early days of my gluten free adventure and even more so when I started messing with alternative flours was the  Simply Gluten Free Magazine. No matter what issue of the magazine you buy they go over in detail what being gluten free means, the foods you should avoid and the alternatives you can replace those foods with. They also give you a variety of flour blends to use and a variety of recipes said flours will work best with. But better than any of that, they help cut through so much of the (excuse my language) bullshit and trendy hype that currently surrounds the gluten free world by publishing articles that are informative, research based and easily understandable for even the most novice GF follower. But that topic is worthy of its own post entirely so let’s get back to the business at hand. GF Flour Mixes!!! If making your own flour blends is more than you are looking for I have had great success with store bought gluten free flours as well. My two current favorites are Trader Joe’s Gluten Free All Purpose Flour and Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free Flours. As I said, it can be hard to figure out which flours are best for certain recipes, and these two help take away some of the guess work. Personally, I like to mix my own flours for my recipes because I try to stick to the “from scratch” moto as much as possible. But no one understands better than me that sometimes there just isn’t time for all that jazz!! That’s why the recipe I am about to give you is so crazy amazing! It covers a wide range of recipes such as an unbelievably flaky pie crust (yes I said flaky and gluten free in the same post), an assortment of cookies, ridiculously decadent brownies and cakes galore! And those are just the recipes I have attempted to make thus far!! By the way, no recipe will make it to this blog without first being given the seal of approval by my panel of lovely tasters. I have no doubt as I go further into my GF journey that this mix will save the day time and time again. Enjoy!

GF Flour Mix #1

1 1/2 cups white rice flour

1 1/2 cups sorghum flour

1 1/2 cups brown rice flour

2 cups of potato starch

2 cups of tapioca starch

2 TBS xantham gum

Put all the flours in a large container with an air-tight lid and whisk to combine. Use cup for cup in practically any baked goods recipes.



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