The excitement I feel as I sit at our table is palable. It has followed me around all day as a constant reminder about this new adventure I am embarking on. This blog has been swimming around in my head for quite sometime as I have been searching to find the right path for me professionally. If you read my “bio” you will understand. I am a “jill of all trades” left brained, liberal artist. Or as my hubby says a “head in the clouds dreamer”. After my dance career ended from injury I hopped and flitted my way through a series of possible careers. Always excited to start a new path but after a few months or a year I would be bored and ready to do something new. It took me all of my 20’s and into my 30’s to realize and accept this about myself. And now, I think it’s one of my best qualities. So to stay true to my self this blog will be a direct reflection of my wandering free spirit. This blog will cover anything and everything that strikes me (and my followers) fancy. However, a few things will remain a constant and the true focus of this blog. Gluten free cooking, health and wellness, parenting and striving for a green living not only personally but on a global level. So I not only welcome you to Saucy Green Living but in essence I am also welcoming you into my crazy, lovely life. Namaste.

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